135+ Good Instagram Comments That Will Brighten Up Your Friends’ Day


Sprinkle positivity and brighten up your friends’ day with these engaging and thoughtful Instagram comments. In this guide, we’ll share 135+ good Instagram comments that will leave a lasting impression and boost their mood. (SEO: "Instagram comments," "good comments," "boost mood," "positivity")

Section 1: Compliments on Appearance

  1. "You look absolutely stunning today!" – @beautyblogger
  2. "Your smile is contagious and your beauty, breathtaking."

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Section 2: Inspiring Comments

  1. "Your strength and resilience inspire me every day!" – @motivation

  2. "Keep shining, your light is needed in this world."

    (SEO: "inspire," "strength," "resilience")

Section 3: Funny Comments

  1. "You make my Instagram feed a happier place!" – @comedy
  2. "I laughed so hard I almost choked on my coffee!

    Haha" (SEO: "funny," "hilarious," "humor")

Section 4: Supportive Comments

  1. "Keep going, you’re doing great!" – @support
  2. "You’ve got this!

    Believe in yourself."

    (SEO: "support," "encouragement," "belief")

Section 5: Quotes and Expert Opinions

  1. "A true friend is someone who overlooks your failures and tolerates your successes." – @friendship
  2. "Life is short, smile while you still have teeth!"

    – @quote (SEO: "quotes," "expert opinions," "wisdom")

Section 6: Real-life Examples

  1. "When I was down, you were my reason to keep going." – @realstory
  2. "I’ll never forget the time you helped me out of a jam."

    (SEO: "real-life examples," "testimonials")


Remember, a simple comment can make someone’s day brighter. Try incorporating these 135+ good Instagram comments into your social media interactions and see the difference they make!

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Q: How do I write engaging Instagram comments?

A: Be sincere, positive, supportive, or funny. Use quotes, personal experiences, or compliments to brighten someone’s day.