A Beginner’s Guide to Surviving the Creepy Internet Maze of the Backrooms

The unexplored corners of the internet hide a mystery known as the Backrooms: a series of interconnected, featureless rooms rumored to exist in depths waiting to baffle and intrigue. In this guide, we’ll help you navigate through the labyrinthine Backrooms and ensure your safe escape.

Understanding the Backrooms:

Encounter these eerie corridors by exploring abandoned links and hidden pages. The Backrooms are interconnected rooms described as infinite, empty spaces.

Navigating the Backrooms:

Stay calm and move forward while using maps or online resources to plan your route. Be cautious of entities that roam these halls. Remember, "The only way out is forward."

Escaping the Backrooms:

Patience and quick thinking are essential for escaping. Use reliable strategies like "Jumpscares" or "Phone Booths."

Expert Opinion:

Internet folklore expert Dr. Samantha Green describes the Backrooms as a testament to online mythology and human fascination with the unknown.


  1. Access the Backrooms through abandoned links and hidden pages.
  2. Entities include "The Library Room 001" and "The Entity."
  3. Real-life locations, like old warehouses or storage facilities, resemble the Backrooms.
  4. Taking screenshots or recordings is allowed but risky.
  5. Exploring alone can be dangerous; consider joining a group or community for support.