Adding Fantom (FTM) to MetaMask: A Simple Guide with Real-Life Examples

Have you recently discovered Fantom (FTM), the innovative blockchain platform, and wished to use it with MetaMask?

Fear not!

In this engaging article, we’ll walk you through the simple steps of adding FTM to your trusted MetaMask wallet.

First, let’s understand why people are flocking to Fantom. According to a recent report by DeFi Pulse, Fantom’s total value locked (TVL) surpassed $1 billion, demonstrating its growing popularity within the decentralized finance (DeFi) space.

Now, let’s get started!

**Step 1: Acquire FTM tokens**

Before adding FTM to MetaMask, ensure you have acquired some FTM tokens. You can buy FTM from reputable cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance or Uniswap.

**Step 2: Install the Fantom MetaMask plugin**

To interact with the Fantom network within MetaMask, install the Fantom MetaMask plugin by visiting the Chrome Web Store and clicking "Add to Chrome."

**Step 3: Add FTM to your MetaMask wallet**

Once you have the plugin installed, follow these steps to add FTM to your wallet:

  1. Click on the MetaMask icon in your browser.
  2. Select "Assets" and then "Import Tokens."
  3. Paste this contract address: 0x2170Ed0880ac9A755f449FeA63a76Ca66C63bb8B.
  4. Input the name "Fantom" and the symbol "FTM."
  5. Click "Add Tokens."

**Step 4: Deposit FTM into your MetaMask wallet**

With FTM now added to your MetaMask wallet, you can deposit your tokens by clicking on the "Deposit" button next to FTM. Send the FTM from your exchange or other wallet to this address: [Your MetaMask FTM Deposit Address].

There you have it! By following these simple steps, you’ll now be able to interact with the Fantom network using MetaMask and join the growing DeFi community on this promising platform. Stay tuned for more engaging articles on the exciting world of Web3 and decentralized finance.