Changing Jersey Numbers in eFootball: A Streamlined Guide

Are you an avid eFootball player seeking to alter your jersey number for strategic reasons or personal preference? This concise guide will walk you through the essential process.

First, understand that changing a jersey number in eFootball isn’t instant like real-life football.

However, with a few simple steps, you’ll be good to go:

Step 1: Create a new MyPlayer or sign a contract with a different team, allowing you to start fresh with your preferred number.

Step 2: Customize your MyPlayer by accessing the customization menu and selecting your desired jersey number. Opt for a unique or lucky number.

If you wish to change numbers in an existing team, it becomes more complicated since players cannot request specific numbers during transfers in eFootball. Instead, create a new MyPlayer and begin with your preferred number.

Expert John Doe emphasizes that understanding jersey number subtleties can offer a competitive edge in eFootball.


Q: Can I change my jersey number mid-season?

A: No, you cannot modify your jersey number during an ongoing season; you must create a new MyPlayer or sign with a different team.

Q: What’s the highest jersey number allowed in eFootball?

A: The maximum jersey number is 99.
Q: Can I change my jersey number during a match? A: No, once you’ve selected your MyPlayer and joined a team, that’s the jersey number you’ll wear for the duration of the match.