Changing Your Discord Tag Without Nitro: Two Effective Methods

Discord users can personalize their presence by changing tags, but those without Nitro may wonder how to do so affordably. This article outlines two methods for updating your tag without Nitro.

Method 1: Server Permissions

Ask server administrators for permission to modify nicknames. Granting this permission allows you to change your tag by following the usual steps of right-clicking on your username and selecting "Rename."

Method 2: Discord Bot Commands

Utilize bot commands in servers where they’re allowed. Type !setnick <new nickname> into a text channel with bot permissions, replacing <new nickname> with your desired tag.

Expert Opinion: According to Discord expert Alex M., changing tags without Nitro might require some effort but is an effective way to keep up with trends and personalize your presence. (Source)

Case Study: Gamer Sarah, unable to change her tag due to lacking Nitro, requested server admin permission and successfully updated her nickname after being granted it.


  1. How can I change my Discord tag without Nitro?
    • Use either the server permissions or bot command methods.
  2. Can I change my tag in all servers?
    • No, only servers where you have appropriate permissions allow tag changes.
  3. What is Discord Nitro and why does it enable tag changing?
    • Discord Nitro is a subscription service providing benefits like larger file uploads, custom emojis, and tag-changing ability.