Changing Your Email Address on Epic Games: A Streamlined Guide

If you’re receiving unwanted game invitations and notifications at an old email address, this post offers a straightforward process for updating your Epic Games account with a new email address.


John, who created his Epic Games account years ago using an obsolete email address, desires to switch to a new one for improved organization and privacy.

Changing an email address on Epic Games is uncomplicated!


  1. Log in to your Epic Games account using the website.
  2. Click on your username at the top right corner of the screen and select "Account Settings."

  3. Update your email address under the "Personal Information" section, then click "Save Changes."
  4. Verify your new email address by following the instructions in the verification email from Epic Games.

Insight: TechRadar suggests that updating your gaming account’s email address is crucial for enhancing online privacy and security.


  1. If you cannot recall your old email address, creating a new account with your preferred email address may be necessary.
  2. Changing your email address won’t affect your game progress or data linked to your username.

In conclusion, updating your email address on Epic Games is a quick and easy way to improve your gaming experience.