Changing Your Email Address on Nintendo: A Brief and Essential Guide

Change your outdated email for a more organized, private, and secure online experience with these essential steps to update your email address on Nintendo.

  1. Reasons to Change: Improve organization, enhance privacy, and boost security by using multiple email addresses (TechRadar, 2021).

  2. Preparation: Before switching, ensure your new email account is ready. Create a new account, test it, and add any necessary contacts or settings.

  3. Change Your Email Address on Nintendo:
    a. Log in to your Nintendo Account.
    b. Navigate to "Account Settings."
    c. Scroll down to "Email Address" and click "Change."
    d. Enter your new email address and confirm.

  4. Verify Your New Email Address: Nintendo will send a verification email. Click on the link to complete the process.

  1. Update Other Nintendo Services: Don’t forget to update other services, like eShop or Club Nintendo, with your new email address.

Benefit from a cleaner inbox and better online management by following these steps. Remember, keeping your online information current is vital for security and organization.


  1. Q: What happens if I don’t verify my new email address? A: Your account remains unchanged until you take the necessary steps to confirm your new email address.
  2. Q: Can I have multiple email addresses linked to one Nintendo Account? A: No, each Nintendo Account can only be associated with one email address at a time. Instead, create separate accounts for each email address.

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