Changing Your FC 24 Team: A Comprehensive Guide to Revitalizing Your Football Club Experience

Ready for a fresh start with your Football Club (FC) 24 team?

This expanded article outlines a detailed process to help you change your player or entire squad, ensuring a renewed gaming experience.

**Step 1: Accessing the Roster**

Log into your FC 24 account, hover over “My Club,” and select “Roster” for easy access to your team management. Manchester gamer John, struggling with his team, successfully refreshed his roster by following these steps and discovered a top-performing player.

**Step 2: Scouting for New Talent**

Explore FC 24’s extensive player marketplace using various filters like position, overall rating, potential, age, form, recent performances, and team chemistry to discover new additions that could significantly enhance your team’s performance. Research the player’s strengths and weaknesses, past achievements, and future potential.

**Step 3: Making the Transfer**

Once you find a suitable new addition, return to “Roster,” locate an empty spot on your squad list, and click “Buy Player” to complete the transaction. Keep in mind that change can be risky but rewarding; explore FC 24’s transfer market for hidden gems waiting to boost your team’s performance.

**Step 4: Selling Unwanted Players (Optional)**

Should you decide to sell unwanted players, click on their profile within the roster and select “Sell Player.” This process will earn you valuable coins that can be used for future player acquisitions or other in-game purchases.

**Step 5: Training Your New Players**

Improve your new player’s attributes by using training points in FC 24. Customize their development based on position, strengths, and weaknesses to ensure they reach their full potential.


1. Can I sell players?
Yes, selling unwanted players allows you to earn valuable coins for future acquisitions.
2. How do I train my players?

Utilize training points in FC 24 to improve player attributes, allowing them to reach their full potential on your revitalized team.