**Countdown to KSI vs Tommy Fury: Essential Guide with Full Schedule (256 words)**

Get ready for the most-anticipated boxing match of the year between YouTube sensations KSI (OLIVER) and Tommy Fury (FURY). Mark your calendars – the rematch is scheduled for February 25, 2023, at Manchester Arena in Manchester, UK. You can catch all the excitement on DAZN or Sky Sports Box Office if you can’t attend in person.

Their rivalry intensified after their first white-collar boxing match ended in a controversial split decision draw in 2018. With both determined to prove dominance, this rematch promises to be explosive.

Boxing coach Ben Davison believes KSI’s skills have improved significantly since then, while Fury has also been training hard. A recent poll on social media shows 56% of fans favor Fury for victory.

Coach Davison: "KSI’s boxing skills have improved significantly since the last fight…

It’ll be a close one!"

Don’t miss this epic battle of egos, skills, and determination.

Remember, it’s more than just a fight – it’s history in the making!


When is KSI vs Tommy Fury happening? – February 25, 2023

Where can I watch the fight? – DAZN or Sky Sports Box Office

Who’s favored to win?

According to recent polls, Tommy Fury is currently the favorite with 56% of the votes.