Defying Age in MultiVersus: A Fun and Fascinating Guide

MultiVersus, the popular battler royale game, offers an exciting secret for players looking to defy age. Though primarily known for iconic character showdowns, it also includes customization settings that allow users to adjust their character’s visual age.

This feature enables players to appear younger or older within the game, providing a unique gaming experience and fostering a vibrant community. Contrary to popular belief, this technique is not against the rules but an intended part of MultiVersus’ design.

Quoting a seasoned player, "Changing my age in MultiVersus has made the game more enjoyable for me and given an opportunity to connect with players across generations." Customization extends beyond age; players can modify their characters’ appearance, outfits, emotes, and use cosmetics obtainable through in-game currency or real money.


  1. Is changing my age in MultiVersus illegal or against the rules?
    Answer: No, it is a feature within the game’s customization settings.
  2. Can I change my character’s age during a game?
    Answer: No, the age remains constant throughout a session but can be adjusted before starting a new game.
  3. What other customization options are available in MultiVersus?

    Answer: Players can modify appearance, outfits, emotes, and obtain cosmetics through various means.