Does Snapchat Notify When You Screen Record?: The Surprising Answer


Snapchat doesn’t notify users when you screen record their Snaps, but there’s a catch. This article explores the truth behind Snapchat notifications for screen recording.

The Basics:

Snapchat does not directly notify users when you screen record their Stories or privately sent Snaps. However, it displays a "took a screenshot" notification for first-time screenshots, but not for subsequent ones or screen records.

The Hidden Truth:

Research reveals that screen recording a friend’s Story or a private Snap will display a notification, while there is no such warning for your own Snaps or public accounts. However, Snap Map might expose the screen recording trick by showing someone’s Bitmoji visiting your location when they screenshot or record your Snaps.

Expert Opinions:

Snapchat’s Support team confirms that there is no notification for users when you take a screenshot of their Story, but they will be notified if you screen record a Snap they sent to you.

The Final Thought:

No, Snapchat does not notify users when you screen record, but Snap Map may provide some clues. Always respect privacy and use these features responsibly.


Q1. What notification do I receive when someone screenshots my Story or a Snap I sent them?
A1. A "took a screenshot" notification is displayed for the first time, but not for subsequent screenshots or screen records.

Q2. Is there any way to know definitively if someone has screen recorded my Snapchat?
A2. No, there’s no definite way to know if someone has screen recorded your Snaps since Snapchat does not provide a notification for this action. However, the Snap Map feature might reveal some clues.