Escape Simulator Chamber of Danger Walkthrough

Title: Mastering the Chamber of Danger in Escape Simulator: A Comprehensive Walkthrough with Detailed Explanations and Examples

The Chamber of Danger level in Escape Simulator is notorious for its intricacy and challenge. For those who dare to take on this thrilling escape room experience, we present a detailed walkthrough to help navigate the labyrinth of puzzles and obstacles.

  1. Accessing the Illuminated Lab:
    a. First, locate the hidden lever in the northwest corner of the room to open the lab door without triggering the security system.
    b. This will bring you into a dimly lit room. Be cautious as some areas are trapped.

  2. Lighting Up the Chamber of Danger:
    a. In the illuminated lab, find the circuit board and connect it to the generator in the control room.
    i. The generator is usually located near the entrance of the lab.
    ii. Be sure to examine the area carefully as there may be additional steps or safeguards to bypass before connecting the circuit board.
    b. Once connected, the Chamber of Danger will be illuminated, revealing more challenges ahead.

  3. Overcoming Obstacles:


    Create a makeshift explosive:

    i. Combine various items found throughout the level to create an explosive charge. This is typically required to destroy walls that block your progress.
    ii. Be sure to take note of the exact combination and amount of items needed as it may vary.

    Navigate through lasers:

    i. Use distractions or reflection mirrors to bypass laser traps, ensuring safe passage.
    ii. Observe the patterns of the lasers carefully and plan your movements accordingly.
    c. Avoid other traps:
    i. Be aware of floor tiles that drop, pitfalls, or pressure plates that trigger alarms.
    ii. Use items creatively to deactivate these hazards when necessary.

  4. Reaching the Escape Pod:
    a. Once all obstacles have been bypassed, make your way to the escape pod. This is typically located in the final room of the level.
    b. Congratulations! You’ve successfully completed the Chamber of Danger level in Escape Simulator.


  1. What are some common challenges in this level?
    A: Expect puzzles involving circuit boards, hidden levers, explosives, and navigating lasers and traps. Each level offers unique combinations and variations on these themes.
  2. Is it possible to complete the level without using walkthroughs or guides?
    A: Yes, but it may require extensive trial-and-error and a solid understanding of the game mechanics. The satisfaction of completing a level without assistance is a rewarding experience for many players.