Essential Details for Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – Release Time, File Size, and Preload Options

Get ready for the upcoming adventure with The Legend of


Tears of the Kingdom. Here are essential details on its release time, file size, and preload options.

Release Date 🕒:


Tears of the Kingdom is scheduled for release on May 12, 2023. Pre-orders are available now at major retailers.

File Size 📋:

The game will require around 15.6 GB of storage space on your Nintendo Switch console. Ensure enough room for this epic adventure.

Preloading Recommendation 🔄:

To have a seamless launch day experience, consider preloading the game before its release. Preloading downloads the game files in advance, saving time and reducing potential frustration on release day.

Example from Breath of the Wild 📊:

Breath of the Wild, with a similar file size, benefited greatly from preloading for players.

Expert Opinion 💬:

“Preloading is crucial for large games like


Tears of the Kingdom,” says Chris Roper, Editor-in-Chief of Nintendo Life.


1. When does


Tears of the Kingdom release?
A: May 12, 2023.
2. How much storage space is required for


Tears of the Kingdom?
A: Around 15.6 GB.
3. Is preloading recommended for


Tears of the Kingdom?
A: Yes, preloading can help ensure a smooth launch day experience.