Expanded Article Ultimate Guide to Fayz Trials in Genshin Impact

Fayz trials are an intense game mode in Genshin Impact that challenges players to defeat waves of enemies with only elemental abilities. To participate, you need at least 240 Adventure Rank and a level 50 character. This guide will provide tips and tricks for optimizing performance and achieving success.

Tips for Success:

Choosing the right team is crucial for success in Fayz trials. Selecting characters with complementary elemental abilities can enhance the power of your attacks and make it easier to chain powerful combos. For example, a team consisting of hydro, pyro, and cryo characters can create an effective reaction chain that deals massive damage.

Using the right elemental reactions is also important in Fayz trials. Elemental reactions occur when two or more elements interact with each other, creating powerful attacks and effects. Mastering different reactions such as the Cryo Swirl, Electro Chain, and Pyro Blaze can help you chain attacks and deal significant damage to enemies.

Practicing timing attacks and dodging enemy attacks is also essential in Fayz trials. Timing your attacks correctly can help you avoid taking damage while dealing massive damage to enemies. Dodging enemy attacks can also help you evade incoming damage, giving you an advantage in the fight.

Utilizing potions and consumables for healing and refreshing abilities can also be helpful in Fayz trials. Potion of Healing can restore your character’s health, while the consumable Thrillweed Tea can refresh your elemental skills and give you a temporary boost in damage output.

Adjusting strategy based on trial results is another important aspect of Fayz trials. After each trial, analyzing your performance and identifying areas for improvement can help you optimize your team composition and strategy for future trials.

Real-Life Examples:

A player successfully cleared a 40-minute fayz trial using hydro, pyro, and cryo elemental abilities, chaining attacks, and utilizing potions. The player chose a team with complementary elemental abilities and used the right elemental reactions to chain powerful combos. They also practiced timing attacks and dodged enemy attacks, utilizing potions for healing and refreshing abilities.

Another player successfully completed a 25-minute fayz trial by focusing on dodging and using electro reactions to chain attacks. The player chose a team with electro characters and used their electrifying abilities to stun enemies and create powerful chains of reactions. They also practiced timing attacks and dodged enemy attacks, utilizing potions for healing and refreshing abilities.


Fayz trials are challenging but rewarding in Genshin Impact. With the right team, strategy, and practice, anyone can succeed.