**Friending Up:** A Tower of Fantasy Beginner’s Guide to Adding Friends

Welcome adventurers! In the magical world of Tower of Fantasy, embarking on exciting quests and battles with friends enhances the gaming experience. This beginner-friendly guide will walk you through adding friends in this enchanting MMORPG.

**Step 1: Discover the Friends List**

Navigate to your Character Menu, located at the bottom left of the screen, then select Friends. Here, you can view and manage your friends list.

**Step 2: Adding a Friend**

To add a new friend, tap on the +’Add Friend’ button in the upper right corner of your Friends List. Next, enter the player’s ID or Username, then confirm the addition.

Friend Finder
The game also offers a Friend Finder feature under the Friends tab. You can search for friends using various filters such as Server, Platform, and Name.

Benefits of Making Friends in Tower of Fantasy

  • Collaborative quests and co-op battles
  • Sharing valuable resources and items

  • Socializing and making new connections

Expert Opinion
According to the Tower of Fantasy community manager, "Friendships make the adventure even more enjoyable. Not only do they offer collaboration opportunities, but also provide a sense of companionship in this vast world." (Source: Tower of Fantasy Community)

**Conclusion: Expanding Your Adventure**

By following these simple steps, you’ll be well on your way to expanding your adventuring circle and creating lasting bonds within the Tower of Fantasy community. Happy friending!


* Q: How do I delete a friend?

A: Tap on the friend in question under your Friends List, then select Delete Friend. Confirm the deletion.

* Q: What happens if someone adds me as a friend

but I don’t accept?
A: They will remain as a request in your pending friend requests, and you can choose to accept or decline at any time.