**Friending Up in Tower of Fantasy: A Comprehensive Guide**

Welcome, adventurous souls, to the magical world of Tower of Fantasy! Making friends in this expansive open-world MMORPG is not only an essential aspect of socializing but also a strategic move for successful gameplay. In this guide, we’ll explore various ways to add friends and maximize your Tower of Fantasy experience.

1. Friends List:
Before diving into the friending process, let’s first understand the importance of having an extensive Friends List. Friends can help you in numerous ways – from providing valuable resources to teaming up for exhilarating adventures!

2. Adding Friends:

There are multiple methods to add friends in Tower of Fantasy:

  • In-Game: Interact with a player, click on their nameplate, and select ‘Add Friend’.

    * **Friend Requests:**

    Accept friend requests from players who have requested to be your friend.

  • Friend Codes: Share friend codes with other players to add them directly.

3. Benefits of Adding Friends:

  • Collaborative Quests: Team up with friends for more efficient quest completion and increased rewards.
  • Resource Sharing: Exchange valuable resources, gems, and materials to help each other progress.
  • Exploration: Discover new areas together and unravel the game’s mysteries!

4. FAQ:

* **How many friends can I have?

** Tower of Fantasy allows a maximum of 300 friends.

* **Can I remove friends?

** Yes, you can remove friends by going to your Friends List and selecting ‘Remove Friend’.