Goddess Falls Odin’s Raven Location in God Of War Ragnarok

Title: Uncovering Goddess Falls Odin’s Raven in God of War Ragnarok: A Player’s Guide to Norse Mythology’s Hidden Treasure

Embark on an epic quest to discover the location of Goddess Falls Odin’s Raven in God of War Ragnarok. According to Norse mythology, Odin, the All-Father and god of wisdom, sent his ravens, Hugin and Munin, to gather knowledge from every corner of the world. In this critically acclaimed game, players have an opportunity to honor this ancient legend by uncovering hidden treasures in the form of Odin’s Ravens.

To find Goddess Falls Odin’s Raven, journey to Fimbulwintershield in Svartalfheim, the realm of the Dark Elves. Once you arrive at the breathtaking waterfall with three distinct steps cascading down from its majestic height, have Kratos carefully jump from ledge to ledge. Be sure to keep an eye out for a hidden chest concealed below (as shown in Figure 1). Upon opening this chest, players will be rewarded with an Odin’s Raven Feather, one step closer to unlocking the game’s secrets and abilities.

Figure 1: Location of Goddess Falls Odin’s Raven in God of War Ragnarok.

Collecting all of Odin’s Ravens is essential for dedicated players seeking to uncover hidden depths within God of War Ragnarok’s expansive world. This rewarding endeavor culminates in the prestigious "Allfather" trophy, a testament to your commitment and exploration skills. Keep exploring this magical realm to find each elusive Odin’s Raven.


  1. Where else can I find Odin’s Ravens?
    Answer: Odin’s Ravens are hidden in various locations throughout God of War Ragnarok, making your journey an exciting and challenging adventure. Be prepared to delve deep into the game’s rich mythology and explore every nook and cranny for these valuable treasures.

  2. What do I gain by collecting all Odin’s Ravens?

    Answer: By collecting all of the hidden Odin’s Ravens, you will unlock the "Allfather" trophy and be granted access to exclusive abilities that deepen your connection to Norse mythology and enhance your gaming experience.