How to Activate the giant machine’s energy system in Genshin Impact

Title: Unleashing the Power within: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners on Activating Genshin Impact’s Energy System

Welcome adventurer to the mystical world of Teyvat, where ancient gods wield elemental powers and players embark on a quest to restore peace. To maximize your character’s potential and progress through this captivating game, comprehending how to activate the energy system is essential. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve deeper into understanding the significance of Anemo and Geo Machines, unlocking their power sources with the Chalk Mushroom, discovering synergy and maximum impact in battles, and addressing frequently asked questions.

Key Components: Anemo and Geo Machines

Anemo machines are scattered across Teyvat, generating wind energy that can be harnessed by our Anemo characters, such as Liza or Barbara. These wind currents not only aid in travel but also serve vital purposes in triggering elemental reactions and offering strategic advantages during battles.

On the other hand, Geo machines create geothermal energy, which is indispensable for gameplay progression. They are commonly found as Jade Statues, providing various benefits like healing, shielding, or even creating platforms to traverse challenging terrains.

Unlocking Power with Chalk Mushroom

The Chalk Mushroom, a hidden power source, can unlock the full potential of Anemo and Geo machines when consumed. This enigmatic fungus can be found in the wild or awarded as rewards from daily commissions. For instance, during Diluc’s Hangout Event, players must cook the Chalk Mushroom Stew to unlock its power, gaining valuable insights into energy system activation.

Synergy & Maximum Impact

Forging a deep understanding of Anemo and Geo machine synergy is crucial for unleashing their full potential in battles. By pairing characters with compatible elements and effectively utilizing the generated energies, players can create powerful reactions and gain strategic advantages over formidable foes.

Question: What elemental combinations can I discover?

Answer: Players can explore various elemental combinations, such as Anemo + Geo (Swirl), Pyro + Electro (Melt), Cryo + Electro (Shock), and Hydro + Electro (Electro-Charged). These reactions not only deal extra damage but also provide unique visual effects and gameplay mechanics.


1) Obtaining Chalk Mushrooms:

  • Found in the wild as they grow around various landmarks and in specific areas like Mondstadt and Liyue Harbor.
  • Earned as rewards from daily commissions and event tasks.

2) Anemo and Geo Machines’ Roles:

  • Generate wind and geothermal energy respectively, used to trigger reactions and provide strategic advantages in battle.