How to Advance any equipment to 1 Star in Tower of Fantasy

Title: Mastering Tower of Fantasy: An Essential Guide to Advancing Equipment to 1 Star – Gathering Materials, Selection Strategies, and the Enhancement Process

Advancing equipment is an essential aspect of survival and progression in the vast open world of Tower of Fantasy. This comprehensive guide delves deeper into the process of gathering materials, selecting items, and enhancing gear to help you master this captivating game.

Materials (Heading 1):

Gathering Materials is the foundation of enhancing equipment. Essential components include Star Shards, Enhancement Crystals, and various other materials specific to each item’s type.

You can obtain these materials in several ways:

Combat: Defeating enemies yields valuable resources, making battles an integral part of your material acquisition strategy.


Complete various quests from NPCs to earn rewards, which often include Star Shards and Enhancement Crystals.
Trading: Visit friendly NPC merchants and trade items or currency for these essential materials.

Selection (Heading 2):

The next crucial step is selecting the right equipment to enhance. Focus on rare, high-stat items with desirable abilities.

Here’s what to consider:

Armor: Prioritize armor pieces that significantly improve your defense and offer beneficial passive abilities.
Weapons: Select weapons with impressive attack power and desired abilities for various situations.

Enhancement Process (Heading 3):

Now that you have gathered the necessary materials and selected your equipment, it’s time to enhance them.

Here are some strategies to maximize your chances of success:

  1. Enhance Multiple Items Simultaneously: Instead of enhancing one piece at a time, select several items and enhance them in batches to save valuable resources and potentially increase the success rate through batch enhancement bonuses.
  2. Use Lucky Draw: This feature offers an extra chance to succeed when enhancing equipment, making it an excellent option for challenging upgrades. Keep in mind that using Lucky Draw consumes additional resources.
  3. Upgrade Forge and Alchemy Lab: Investing resources in improving the functionality of your Forge and Alchemy Lab can significantly enhance your success rates. Upgraded facilities offer increased chances of success, making each enhancement attempt more rewarding.


  1. What materials are required for enhancing equipment?


    Star Shards, Enhancement Crystals, and specific materials based on the item’s type.

  2. Can multiple items be enhanced at once?


    Yes, enhance several pieces in batches to save resources and potentially increase success rates through batch enhancement bonuses.

  3. How do I obtain Star Shards and Enhancement Crystals?


    Acquire them through combat, quests, or NPC trading.