How to Change a Wanderer’s Name in Genshin Impact: A Simple and Fun Guide


Changing your character’s name in Genshin Impact is an exciting way to personalize your gaming experience. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, this simple guide will walk you through the process step-by-step.

Section 1: Accessing the Name Change Option

To change your Wanderer’s name, first, ensure you have reached Adventurer Rank 10. Then, go to the city of Mondstadt or Liyue Harbor and interact with Paimon, your adorable traveling companion. Select the "Name Card" option from her menu.

Section 2: Change Your Name

Once in the Name Card interface, you can edit your character’s name by clicking on the pencil icon next to their current name. Be creative, as names are limited to 12 characters (excluding spaces). Remember, a unique name will make your experience even more enjoyable!

Section 3: The Impact of Name Change

Changing a character’s name can bring a fresh start to your Genshin Impact adventure. You might decide to change it based on your current mood, favorite character, or simply for fun.

Expert Opinion:

According to MiHoYo, the game developer, "Name customization adds a personal touch to each player’s gaming experience."

(Source: MiHoYo Official Blog)


  1. What is the maximum character name length in Genshin Impact?
    A: The maximum character name length is 12 characters (excluding spaces).
  2. Can I change my character’s name for free?
    A: Yes, you can change your character’s name for free once you have reached Adventurer Rank 10.


Changing your Wanderer’s name in Genshin Impact is a fun and simple way to make the game even more personalized.