How to Complete Agnihotra Sutra Final Part in Genshin Impact


Complete all parts of Genshin Impact’s Agnihotra Sutra questline for valuable rewards and new character arcs. This guide shows you how to complete the final part successfully.

Part 1: Understanding Agnihotra Sutra

The Agnihotra Sutra is a questline that helps restore cultural traditions in Liyue by completing various fire worship tasks. Completing this questline rewards valuable items and unlocks new character arcs for Xiao and Qiqi.

Part 2: Complete Final Part

Visit three locations – Liyue Harbor, Stone Garden, and Dragon’s Spine Peak – to complete tasks related to fire worship. Each task requires different resources, so stock up on incense sticks and charcoal. Bring a character with high elemental reaction strength, such as Qiqi or Mona, to help with certain tasks.

Part 3: Unlock Rewards

Upon completion of all three parts, you’ll be rewarded with valuable items and resources, including rare ingredients for cooking and alchemy, powerful equipment and weapons, and new character arcs for Xiao and Qiqi.


Completing the Agnihotra Sutra final part in Genshin Impact is a rewarding experience that offers valuable rewards and new storylines to explore. Follow our step-by-step guide to complete this questline successfully and continue your adventure in Teyvat.