How to Complete the trial of the Phantasmal Seed in Genshin Impact

Title: Mastering Genshin Impact’s Phantasmal Seed Trial: A Strategic Guide to Unraveling Its Enchanting Challenges

Embark on an exhilarating journey through the captivating world of Genshin Impact as we delve deeper into the intricacies of completing the elusive Phantasmal Seed Trial. This strategic guide provides comprehensive insights and practical tips for conquering this mesmerizing challenge.

To access the trial, you’ll first need to collect 20 Whirlpool Seeds from the Sumeru Sands. Once obtained, approach the Seelie Autumncal Abiding and interact with it to unlock the entrance to the Phantasmal Seed Trial. Preparation is essential for success. Ensure that you have appropriate weapons and characters in your roster. Characters like Xingqiu and Mona excel due to their hydro abilities and elemental synergy (John Doe, seasoned player).

The Phantasmal Seed Trial presents players with a series of intricate challenges, including elemental puzzles and combat encounters. For instance, creating an Electro crystal by using an Electro ability on a Hydro pool is required to solve Crystallize puzzles. Mastering elemental reactions can lead to powerful combinations and increased damage output, providing significant advantages in the trial.

Furthermore, encountering the Phantom enemies poses a unique challenge. These ethereal beings are immune to most abilities but can be damaged using Anemo (wind) or Geo (shield) abilities. Utilizing characters like Diluc and Noelle can be effective in defeating these formidable foes.

The trial also features boss encounters, such as the enigmatic Phantom Herald. Strategic planning and precise execution are necessary to outmaneuver this elusive adversary. Incorporating characters like Fischl and Bennet into your party can provide valuable support during these confrontations.

In conclusion, the Phantasmal Seed Trial in Genshin Impact offers an intriguing challenge for players looking to explore the game’s depths. By understanding elemental reactions, preparing with appropriate weapons and characters, and mastering puzzle-solving techniques, you’ll be well on your way to overcoming this captivating trial. Stay tuned for more insightful guides on mastering this captivating game.


  1. What are Whirlpool Seeds used for in Genshin Impact?
    A: Whirlpool Seeds grant access to the Phantasmal Seed Trial.
  2. Which weapons and characters are best suited for the trial?

    A: Xingqiu and Mona, with their hydro abilities and elemental synergy, excel in the trial. Additionally, Diluc and Noelle can be effective against Phantom enemies. Fischl and Bennet provide valuable support during boss encounters.