How to Do The Clean and the Snatch in Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 is an action-packed zombie survival game where players must escape the island alive by taking down hordes of undead enemies. The Clean and Snatch techniques are among the most challenging tasks in the game. This guide explores how to do these techniques, including tips for success and common misconceptions and mistakes players make when attempting them.

The Clean technique involves using a melee weapon to take down a zombie from behind while it’s attacking another player or object. Timing and precision are key. Tips include keeping an eye out for zombies about to charge, moving quickly behind them but not too quickly, practicing aim as you strike, and using powerful melee weapons like a baseball bat or crowbar.

The Snatch technique involves grabbing another player’s weapon from their hand while they are fighting off zombies. Be careful not to lose your own weapon in the process. Tips include keeping an eye out for players fighting off zombies with valuable weapons nearby, moving quickly behind them but not too quickly, using both hands to grab the weapon if possible, and timing your grab so that you don’t lose your own weapon.

Mastering The Clean and Snatch techniques takes practice and patience. Players should avoid using their strongest weapon for these techniques, as any melee weapon can be used effectively with precision and timing. Players should also avoid trying to grab a player’s weapon while they are actively attacking zombies, as this often results in both players losing their weapons. Instead, try to time your grab when the player is not actively fighting off zombies but rather between attacks or as they reload their weapon.