How to Find a Way to Activate the Altar in Genshin Impact

The altar in Genshin Impact serves not only as a way for players to collect valuable items and experience points, but also as a source of motivation and engagement with the game’s storyline. The altar is located near Diona’s statue in Liyue, which is one of the main hubs in the game world. Activating the altar requires completing a quest given by Diona, which involves collecting various items scattered around Liyue and completing tasks for other NPCs.

Upon successful completion of the quest, the altar will be activated and players can access its rewards. These include experience points, Mora (the game’s in-game currency), rare items and recipes from Liyue Qiqi, and an increased daily reward from Diona. Activating the altar once per day is essential as completing different quests will give players different rewards each time.

Players can collect as many items as they want for the quest, but completing more tasks and collecting more items will take longer. It’s worth noting that there is no limit to how many times a player can activate the altar per day, which makes it an excellent way to earn additional rewards and gain experience points without spending any in-game currency.

Overall, activating the altar is crucial for players who want to progress through the game’s storyline and improve their character’s abilities. It provides a fun and engaging way for players to interact with the game world and its characters while also earning valuable rewards along the way.