How to Find the Cartel Warehouse Key from the Eastern Most Sunken Ship in Al Mazrah in Warzone 2 DMZ

Warzone 2: DMZ has a popular item among Fortnite players, the Cartel Warehouse Key, which can be found in the Eastern Most Sunken Ship in Al Mazrah. This article will guide you on how to find this valuable item using SEO techniques to help you rank higher in search engines and attract traffic.

  1. Understand the location: The shipwreck is located in the Northern part of Al Mazrah, and the key is inside the ship’s cargo hold accessible through a hatch door.
  2. Use a map or guide: A map or guide showing the location of the shipwreck and the specific spot where the key is hidden will save time and energy.
  3. Be prepared: Equip yourself with necessary gear such as a shotgun or sniper rifle, and be aware of potential dangers while exploring the shipwreck.
  4. Practice patience and persistence: Finding the key can be challenging, so practice patience and persistence until you find it.
  5. Share your experience: After finding the key, share your experience on social media or forums to help other players learn from your journey and increase the chances of them finding the key themselves.


No specific weapon is required to get the key, it can take anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes to find it if you know the location and are equipped with the right gear, and once found, it’s yours to keep but can be shared on social media or forums.