How to Fix Automated Behavior on Your Instagram Account

Instagram has introduced an automated behavior feature to prevent spam and improve user experience. However, if your account is flagged as having automated behavior, you may be temporarily restricted or even banned from the platform. In this article, we’ll discuss some common causes of automated behavior on Instagram and provide tips on how to fix it.

Automated behavior can occur when an account uses bots, scripts, or other automated tools to post content, follow accounts, or like posts. This type of behavior is against Instagram’s community guidelines and can lead to your account being flagged as automated.

Some common causes of automated behavior include:

  • Using third-party apps that automate posts or followers
  • Following a large number of accounts in a short period of time

  • Posting the same content repeatedly or at a high rate

  • Using multiple accounts to post content

To fix automated behavior on your Instagram account, you should first review your posting habits and avoid any actions that could be considered automated. You can also use Instagram’s "Clear Search Results" feature to remove fake followers and likes. If the issue persists, you may need to contact Instagram support for further assistance.

In conclusion, avoiding automated behavior on Instagram is crucial to maintaining a healthy account. By being mindful of your posting habits and following guidelines, you can prevent account restrictions or bans and ensure a positive user experience.