How to Fix Instagram Removed My Link in Bio

Instagram is a popular platform where users share photos and videos with their followers. The bio section is an essential feature that allows users to add links to their profile. However, sometimes Instagram may remove your link in bio, leaving you feeling frustrated and confused. This article explores the reasons why this happens and provides solutions to help you fix it.

Reasons for Link Removal:

Instagram removes links in bios due to non-compliance with its policies or suspicion by its algorithms. The link may lead to a spammy website or contain malicious content.

How to Fix It:

To fix your removed link in bio, first check the reasons for removal by logging into your Instagram account and checking the "Activity" section. Then, remove the old link and replace it with a new one that complies with Instagram’s policies. Make sure the link leads to a legitimate website and does not contain any spammy or malicious content. If you are using a third-party app to add your link to your bio, ensure it is up to date and uses the latest Instagram API. If none of these steps work, contact Instagram’s customer support team for further assistance.


In conclusion, if your link in bio has been removed by Instagram, check the reasons for removal and take the necessary steps to ensure that your link complies with Instagram’s policies. By following these steps, you can restore your link in bio and continue sharing content with your followers on Instagram.