How to Get Forest Regalia in Genshin Impact

In addition to the locations mentioned above, forest regalia can also be found in other parts of the game world, such as in the Liyue region at the Qiqi statue or by completing the quest "The Childe’s Challenge" in Liyue City. Players can also obtain forest regalia by participating in the event "The Forest and the Moon," which takes place during the Liyue Harvest Festival.

It is important to note that some characters are better suited for obtaining forest regalia than others, depending on their abilities and strengths. For example, Pyro characters like Xiangling and Diona are great at defeating monsters and obtaining rewards, while Geo characters like Zhongli and Ningguang can use their elemental skills to easily find hidden treasures.

Once obtained, players can use forest regalia to upgrade their character’s equipment. The amount of forest regalia needed to upgrade equipment varies depending on the item, so players should keep an eye out for rare drops during quests or events. Additionally, players can trade forest regalia with other players through the in-game trading system or by using the game’s chat feature.

In conclusion, obtaining forest regalia is a crucial aspect of building a powerful character in Genshin Impact. By following this guide and utilizing the tips mentioned above, players will be well on their way to unlocking new abilities and powers that will help them dominate the game’s competitive scene.