How to Pick a partner out of the three contestants in Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact, selecting among Mona, Xingqiu, and Fischl as your ideal partner requires thoughtful consideration of their distinct qualities and your team’s requirements. Each character brings unique strengths to the table that can significantly impact your gameplay experience.

Mona (Cryo vision) is a versatile and invaluable support character. With her elemental skill, "Tidal Celestial Eye," she applies an Anemo buff to all party members, increasing their attack speed for a brief period. Furthermore, Mona’s burst, "Morphic Resonance," creates a Crystallize reaction on nearby enemies when triggered by Mona’s attacks or those of her teammates. This reaction grants swords and catalyst users the ability to deal Cryo damage, opening up new possibilities for elemental synergies. Additionally, Mona can heal both herself and her allies with her "Eclipse Reaction," which activates when she is hit by enemy attacks while inside an Elemental Skill or Burst effect. Her abilities make Mona a valuable addition to teams that require more healing capabilities or those utilizing Cryo damage.

Xingqiu (Hydro vision), on the other hand, offers support in various ways. His elemental skill, "Swift Rain," generates rain around him and his teammates, increasing their attack speed for a short duration. Xingqiu’s Burst, "Lantern Rite," creates a shield that protects him and nearby allies from enemy attacks while also healing them over time. Furthermore, when Xingqiu’s elemental skill is used on an opponent, it inflicts Hydro damage and triggers the Swirl reaction with other hydro or pyro abilities. This makes Xingqiu an ideal partner for teams requiring additional support, shielding, and hydro damage applications.

Fischl (Pyro vision) contributes to your team by providing ranged attacks through her companion Oz. With their combined abilities, Fischl and Oz can deal Pyro damage to enemies and create elemental reactions like Vaporize or Combustion when paired with other elements. Additionally, Oz’s "Oz’s Birdlike Creation: Chirping Rime" provides an Elemental Skill that creates a Cryo field that lasts for a short duration. This can be particularly useful in freezing enemies or creating synergy with characters that rely on Cryo damage. Fischl is an excellent choice for teams requiring additional ranged damage and elemental reactions.

Ultimately, the decision to choose among Mona, Xingqiu, and Fischl comes down to your team composition and specific gameplay needs. Mona or Xingqiu may be suitable if you require more healing capabilities, while Fischl can provide ranged damage and elemental reactions. Community experts suggest that Mona’s invaluable healing abilities and Cryo vision make her an excellent support character, while another player praises Xingqiu as their go-to support for his shield and Hydro skills. Both characters can adapt to changing team needs, making them versatile additions to any roster. However, neither Mona nor Fischl deals the most damage directly but focus on support and elemental reactions instead; Xingqiu is primarily a support character.