How to Read the Job’s Done Slate in Starfield

This guide is for new Starfield players who are struggling to understand the job’s done slate. The job’s done slate is a crucial aspect of the game that shows the various jobs players can complete, displayed on the main menu screen. The slate has four categories: science, engineering, medicine, and operations, each with multiple job types available.

To read the job’s done slate effectively, players need to understand each category’s purpose and how they relate to one another. Science jobs involve experiments, data analysis, and technology discovery, while engineering jobs focus on building, repairing structures, vehicles, and machines. Medicine jobs heal and cure illnesses, while operations jobs manage resources and tasks coordination.

Players need to consider the job’s unique set of requirements and rewards before selecting one. For example, mining jobs require specialized equipment and skills, while farming jobs require patience and persistence. It’s essential to choose jobs that complement each other, such as engineering jobs for building a base or spacecraft, and mining and farming jobs for resource gathering or territory expansion.

Overall, the job’s done slate is crucial for optimizing resource management, progression rate, and increasing chances of success in Starfield. By understanding each category’s purpose and selecting complementary jobs, players can improve their chances of achieving their goals in this exciting sci-fi adventure.