How to Transform Day into Night in Hogwarts Legacy: A Magical Guide

Transforming day into night in Hogwarts Legacy adds a unique charm to your gaming experience. Here’s an easy, magical guide to help you change the time at Hogwarts! 🌙✨

1. Gather Your Ingredients:
To start this enchantment, collect the following ingredients: Aconite Root, Mandrake Root, and Nightshade. Gather these from around Hogwarts or purchase them from the Alchemist Shop.

2. Prepare Your Cauldron:
Fill your cauldron halfway with water, then add the collected ingredients. Stir gently using a wooden spoon until they’re well combined.

3. Add the Spell:
Say the incantation "Lumos Maxima" to illuminate your surroundings and reveal the next step. Dip your wand into the bubbling brew, then trace the following pattern in the air: up, down, left, right, up, and down again.

4. Cast the Spell:
Hold your wand over the cauldron, point it towards the night sky and say the spell "Nox".

Your surroundings will begin to change as day turns into night!


*Pro tip:*

For a quicker transformation, use the “Temporius Finestrae” charm before casting “Nox.” This will open all windows, allowing more moonlight to enter the room.

**5. Enjoy Your Nighttime Adventure:**

Explore Hogwarts at night and uncover hidden secrets!

Remember, certain creatures like Boggarts become more active during the night, adding a thrilling challenge to your journey. 😱


*Q: Can I reverse this spell to turn night back into day?



Simply repeat the process but use the incantation “Lux” instead of “Nox.”

*Q: What other spells can change the time in Hogwarts Legacy?*

A: The “Tempus Protego” charm creates a temporal barrier around an object, keeping it from aging or changing. The “Arrepto Tempus” spell speeds up time, allowing you to fast forward through events.