How to Use the LTV turret in Warzone 2 DMZ

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The LTV Turret, a vital asset in Call of Duty:

Warzone 2’s DMZ (Military Simulation Zone) mode, offers players a formidable defense with its powerful firepower and armor. The LTV is perfect for both aggressive playstyles and safe loot securing, making it an essential tool for every Warzone 2 player.

Key Features:

The LTV Turret comes equipped with a mounted machine gun that can be customized with various features such as adjustable rate of fire, ammo capacity, and damage. This allows players to fine-tune their defensive capabilities according to their playstyle. Additionally, the LTV is armed with a handgun for close encounters when exiting the vehicle or engaging enemies at short range.

Maneuverability is limited as the LTV’s size and armor make it heavy and cumbersome, but it can be stationed at various locations, making it an excellent choice for setting up roadblocks to blockade entrances or using it as a mobile base of operations.


One popular strategy with the LTV is setting up roadblocks to blockade key entrances, which can hinder enemy progression and provide time for players to fortify their positions. Alternatively, using the LTV as a mobile base of operations allows players to move around the map freely while maintaining a strong defensive position.

Comparing it to other vehicles like HAVOC (Heavy Armored Vehicle) and Technical (Recon Vehicle), the LTV outperforms them in terms of firepower and protection. However, the HAVOC offers greater mobility and versatility, while the Technical provides improved stealth and agility. Players should choose the vehicle that best fits their playstyle.

Expert Opinion:

According to X_MasterYodaX_, a professional gamer, “The LTV is a game-changer in Warzone 2 DMZ. Its unmatched firepower and protection are unrivaled among other vehicles.”


1. How do I access the LTV Turret in Warzone 2 DMZ?
– You can purchase the LTV Turret from a Buy Station for 10,500 Cash or 4,250 Salvage.

2. How do I repair the LTV Turret?
– You can repair the LTV using salvaged parts or cash at any Buy Station.

3. Can I upgrade the LTV’s ammo capacity and gun stats?
– Yes, you can upgrade both the ammo capacity and gun stats for better performance.