iOS 17: Stealing the Show with Tablet-Like Features for iPhones – A Comprehensive Look

iPhone users have long coveted some of the features offered on tablets, such as split-screen multitasking and larger displays, which are essential for improving productivity. Google’s Pixel Slate, in particular, has caught the attention of many iPhone users due to its impressive split-screen multitasking capabilities. However, the rumor mill suggests that Apple is working on enhancing the iPhone experience significantly with the upcoming release of iOS 17. In this article, we delve deeper into the various aspects of this exciting development.

Divide and Conquer: Split-Screen Multitasking

Apple’s response to split-screen multitasking on tablets is rumored to be more refined and seamless in iOS 17. Users can look forward to a sleeker implementation that will allow them to run two apps simultaneously on the same screen, enhancing productivity levels (Macworld). This feature will enable iPhone users to manage multiple tasks efficiently, making it an essential tool for multitaskers.

Tablet-like Display and Productivity

iOS 17 is expected to bring tablet-like features optimized for iPhones with larger displays. Apple has already begun implementing this concept with the release of the iPad Pro models, which come equipped with massive 12.9-inch displays. However, with iOS 17, iPhone users will be able to enjoy a more productive experience on their smaller devices as well (AppleInsider).

Instant Tethering and Faster Charging

One of the challenges associated with using a tablet as a hotspot is the waiting time involved in tethering. However, iOS 17 may introduce instant tethering, allowing users to connect their iPhones to their tablets or laptops seamlessly (MacRumors). Additionally, faster charging times are reportedly a part of this upgrade, providing iPhone users with more convenience and saving them valuable time (CNBC).

Augmented Reality and Beyond

Apple could take significant strides forward in augmented reality (AR) technology with the release of iOS 17. AR has immense potential to revolutionize various industries, from education and healthcare to entertainment and retail. With the powerful capabilities of Apple devices, the possibilities are endless (TechCrunch).


  1. When will iOS 17 be released?


    No official release date has been announced yet.

  2. What other features are rumored for iOS 17?


    Enhanced privacy, improved Siri, and more!

  3. How does split-screen multitasking work on the Pixel Slate?


    Users can run two apps side by side for maximum productivity.