Is the Wyze Video Doorbell Pro Worth Its Double Price Tag? A Feature-Rich Home Security Upgrade

The Wyze Video Doorbell Pro, an advanced smart home security device, boasts double the features at twice the cost of its predecessor.

This upgrade raises the question: is it a worthwhile investment?

Feature Comparison:

The Wyze Video Doorbell Pro showcases a sleek design and enhanced motion detection, along with two-way audio communication (Wyze).

Personal Experience:

Upgrading from the standard Wyze Doorbell to the Pro model resulted in heightened functionality for this user. Advanced motion detection captured missed deliveries, and two-way audio communication proved instrumental for engaging with visitors and potential intruders (anecdotal evidence).

Real-life Example: A friend, initially missing multiple daytime deliveries with the standard doorbell, experienced seamless delivery receiving after upgrading to the Wyze Video Doorbell Pro due to its superior motion detection capabilities.

Expert Opinion: TechRadar asserts that “The Wyze Video Doorbell Pro provides an extensive set of features at a reasonable price point” (TechRadar).

Cost-Benefit Analysis: While the Wyze Video Doorbell Pro carries a higher price tag, its additional functionalities make it a valuable investment for those pursuing comprehensive home security solutions.

Summary: Based on personal experiences, expert opinions, and real-life examples, the Wyze Video Doorbell Pro’s double the features at double the price tag is justified.

For those seeking advanced smart home security, this upgrade is worth considering.


1. What unique features does the Wyze Video Doorbell Pro offer compared to its predecessor?
2. How significantly does the Wyze Video Doorbell Pro’s motion detection surpass the standard model?