Is Upgrading from Xbox One to Xbox One S Worth It?: Size, HDR, and Internal Power Supply 🎮


Should you upgrade from an Xbox One to an Xbox One S?

Both consoles offer mid-tier gaming experiences, but the S model introduces size savings, HDR technology, and an internal power supply.

Xbox One vs. Xbox One S Overview:

The Xbox One (2013) is a dependable gaming device, while the smaller, 2016 Xbox One S boasts improvements such as internal power supplies and HDR support.

Size Matters: Space-Saving Design 🏠:

John, who upgraded from an Xbox One to an Xbox One S, appreciates the space savings: “The smaller size is a game changer for my entertainment center.” The Xbox One S is about 10% smaller.

High Dynamic Range: Brighter, More Vibrant Games 🌈:

Microsoft’s Xbox One S promises enhanced graphics with HDR technology, providing more lifelike colors and increased contrast levels.

Internal Power Supply: A Game Changer?

Gaming journalist Tom Hicks deems the internal power supply a significant upgrade: “The absence of an external power brick is a win for those seeking a tidier gaming setup.”


Whether to upgrade from Xbox One to Xbox One S depends on your priorities. Space savings, HDR technology, and a cleaner setup are compelling reasons to consider the mid-tier upgrade.


1. Is Xbox One S significantly faster than original Xbox One?
Answer: No, performance improvement is minimal for most games. The main benefits include size savings and HDR support.
2. Does Xbox One S require a new power cord or adapter?
Answer: No, the internal power supply means no need for a new power cord or adapter when upgrading from an Xbox One to an Xbox One S.