Is YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Still Worth the New Price Hikes? A Personal Perspective


YouTube Premium and YouTube Music have recently increased their prices, leaving some users pondering if these subscriptions remain worthwhile. This article shares a personal perspective, real-life examples, and insights from industry experts.

Price Increases:

YouTube Premium now costs $14.99/month (previously $11.99), while YouTube Music Premium is $9.99/month (up from $7.99).


YouTube Premium offers ad-free video streaming and downloads for offline viewing, making it ideal for interruption-free video enjoyment. YouTube Music provides a vast music library with personalized recommendations and offline playback, catering to avid music listeners on the go.

Personal Experience:

These features offer significant value in daily life: offline music access during commutes and uninterrupted video streaming with downloaded content while traveling.

Industry Insights:

With over 2 billion monthly active users, YouTube must generate additional revenue to maintain top-notch services (Statista). As industry expert Dan Rayburn states, "Content creation and distribution costs are escalating; subscriptions represent the most viable solution for streaming platforms."

Final Thoughts:

Despite price hikes, both services provide valuable features, but users should evaluate individual needs versus costs before renewing or canceling.


  1. What are the new prices for YouTube Premium and YouTube Music?

    – YouTube Premium: $14.99/month

    – YouTube Music Premium: $9.99/month

  2. How do the new prices compare to previous pricing?

    – YouTube Premium: Up from $11.99 to $14.99

    – YouTube Music Premium: Up from $7.99 to $9.99

  3. What additional features come with YouTube Premium and YouTube Music?

    • YouTube Premium: Ad-free video streaming, downloads for offline viewing
    • YouTube Music Premium: Vast music library, personalized recommendations, offline playback.