Lenovo Legion Go vs. Steam Deck: A Battle of Portable Gaming Powerhouses

The gaming scene is buzzing with anticipation over two portable powerhouses: Valve Corporation’s Steam Deck and Lenovo’s Legion Go. Both devices aim to disrupt the portable gaming market. Let’s compare their key features and determine if the Lenion Go poses a threat to the Steam Deck.


The Legion Go sports an Intel Core i7 processor, NVIDIA RTX GPUs, while the Steam Deck has a custom Tegra processor.
While the Legion Go appears more powerful, its battery life remains uncertain.

Personal Experience and Expert Opinions:

The Lenion Go delivers smoother performance in AAA games but drains battery faster than the Steam Deck.

TechRadar: “The Lenovo Legion Go’s performance is impressive.”

Tom’s Hardware: “Steam Deck’s battery life is superior.”

Price Point:

The Lenio Go, priced at $1,499, is significantly more expensive than the Steam Deck’s base model ($399).


Although the Legion Go boasts superior performance and flexibility, its high price tag may deter potential buyers. Meanwhile, the Steam Deck offers an affordable cost and impressive battery life. The decision between these two devices ultimately depends on individual preferences and budgets.



Can the Lenion Go run AAA games smoothly?


Yes, with powerful components, it can handle most AAA games at higher settings than the Steam Deck.

2) Does the Steam Deck have a better battery life?


Yes, the Steam Deck’s battery life lasts longer than that of the Lenion Go. However, the Legion Go’s battery is removable, allowing for extended gaming sessions.