Mastering Arahan in Genshin Impact: A Guide to Discovering and Utilizing the Powerful Geo Element

Struggling in Genshin Impact against skilled opponents?

This guide focuses on finding and effectively using Arahan, the coveted Geo element, to boost your abilities.

Firstly, understand why Arahan is essential: “Geo interacts with terrains and objects to grant unique abilities,” says seasoned player Mark. With Arahan, create healing pillars or shields, transform water into ice for crowd control, and enhance other elements for devastating reactions.

To locate Arahan, search for blue crystals on the map; Crystallized Slimes drop Arahan upon defeat. Be prepared with a strong team as these elusive creatures travel in groups.

Effectively utilizing Arahan requires strategy: combine it with characters like Diona or Mona for healing benefits, or pair it with other elements for elemental reactions. For instance, during an expedition, I encountered Crystallized Slimes near Starfruit Forest and, using Xiangling’s Pyro abilities and Diona’s Cryo, defeated them to collect a generous supply of Arahan.

So, there you have it – your essential guide to finding and harnessing the power of Arahan in Genshin Impact. Happy exploring!


1. Where can I find Crystallized Slimes?
A: They roam various areas but are often near water or ruins.
2. How do I use Arahan effectively?
A: Combine it with other elements for reactions, create shields/healing pillars.
3. What characters work well with Arahan?
A: Diona, Mona, Barbara – their abilities synergize with Arahan.