Mastering Depulso on Levitating Enemies in Hogwarts Legacy: A Concise Guide

Struggling with casting Depulso (Disarming Charm) on levitating enemies in Hogwarts Legacy? This guide provides practical tips for mastering this essential spell.

Scene Setting: In a duel against a levitating enemy, casting Depulso swiftly and accurately is crucial. Focusing on the target can be challenging; use these steps to improve your skills.

Personal Experience: Spend time in the Training Grounds experimenting with different wand movements and angles for optimal results.

Theory & Practice: A study by experienced players suggests casting Depulso with a smooth, circular motion followed by a firm flick at the end. Understanding the theory behind the spell is essential for successful casting.

Real-life Examples: Apply principles from battles like Harry Potter vs. Draco Malfoy to cast Depulso effectively on levitating enemies.

Expert Insight: Dedicate time and practice to refine your Depulso skills, and soon you’ll disarm even the most formidable adversaries in Hogwarts Legacy.


  1. What is the ideal wand movement for casting Depulso?
    Answer: Experiment with a smooth circular motion followed by a firm flick at the end.
  2. Can Depulso be cast on multiple enemies simultaneously?
    Answer: No, focus on one enemy at a time for effective disarming.