Mastering Genshin Impact’s Arch: A Newbie’s Comprehensive Guide to Conquering This Iconic Obstacle

Genshin Impact’s world is filled with breathtaking landscapes and challenging obstacles, one of the most iconic being the arch. This seemingly daunting hurdle might initially intimidate new adventurers, but with our expert guidance, we will help you traverse it like a seasoned traveler.

Firstly, selecting the right adventurer is crucial for a successful climb. Ensure they have both Elemental Burst and Swiftness or Agility talents. The Elemental Burst can be used to create favorable conditions for climbing, such as creating platforms or manipulating the environment. Swiftness or Agility talents boost your character’s movement speed, allowing for more precise platforming and quicker responses to changing situations.

Quote: "Choose wisely the traveler you be, And climb with grace, not haste, this arch of destiny," – Unknown

Additionally, some elements are particularly helpful when climbing arches. Anemo or Geo abilities can create currents that propel you forward, making the climb easier and more efficient. For instance, using an Anemo character like Lisa or Barbara can help generate wind currents, while a Geo character such as Diona or Noelle can produce elemental reactions to create platforms.

Precise platforming is vital in arch traversal. Time your jumps accurately between platforms to avoid falling into the abyss below. Use your glider tactically to cover gaps or regain momentum after a misstep. Quote: "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step," – Lao Tzu

Seasoned player Alex (@GenshinMaster) advises, "Patience and practice are the keys to overcoming this challenge." He adds, "Sometimes it’s necessary to wait for the perfect moment before making your move. And remember that even the most skilled adventurers have stumbled on their journey."

Every Genshin Impact obstacle offers an opportunity to learn and adapt. As you climb more arches and embark on new adventures, your skills will improve, and the once daunting arch will become a familiar friend.


  1. Which elements are best for arch traversal? Anemo or Geo abilities help make the climb easier by creating currents or producing platforms.
  2. Why is precision essential? Precision guarantees a safe landing on the next platform, avoiding falls into the abyss and ensuring progress towards your journey’s end.