Mastering Tower of Fantasy: Activate Other Laser Beams for Maximum Progress (256 Words)

Unlocking the full potential of Tower of Fantasy’s laser beams is crucial for advancing through this immersive adventure game. For new players, activating other laser beams might seem like a daunting task. This comprehensive guide offers strategies and in-depth explanations to help you unlock the secrets of various laser beams.

Each laser beam in Tower of Fantasy has a unique frequency that must be obtained to activate it. These frequencies can come from different in-game sources or by combining specific resources. For example, Luminite and Aetherstone create the frequency for the blue laser beam.

Successful players have employed various strategies to unlock new laser beams. Player X shared their experience of trading resources with other players to access previously unavailable areas within the Tower of Fantasy community. This collaborative approach not only expanded their network but also brought them closer to activating additional laser beams.

Innovation and exploration are essential when it comes to discovering new frequencies. By combining specific resources, new frequencies can be discovered. For instance, Ruby Shards combine to activate the red laser beam, while Emerald Fragments and Luminescent Moss create the green laser beam.

Collaboration is another effective strategy for unlocking other laser beams. Renowned Tower of Fantasy guru Dr. Nexus emphasizes working together with others as the key to progress. This can be achieved by trading resources or experimenting with new combinations.


  1. Luminite and Aetherstone can be obtained from Crystal Caverns and defeating bosses, respectively.
  2. Utilize the in-game chat feature or external platforms like Discord to coordinate trades with other players.