**Mastering Tower of Fantasy: Efficiently Traversing Hydraulic Lifts**

In Tower of Fantasy, hydraulic lifts pose vertical challenges as they create inconvenient hurdles during ascending or descending. To clear these obstacles efficiently, understand their movement patterns and practice the right technique.

Seasoned player Jane faced hydraulic lifts as insurmountable barriers but learned to jump over them by timing her leap with the lift’s downward motion. This method allows players to cover greater distances and avoid collisions.

According to gaming expert Tom, mastering hydraulic lifts requires timing and understanding their movement patterns. Jumping over a moving lift is like crossing a narrow bridge – patience, precision, and perfect timing are essential for success.

Experiments and research confirm that the best time to jump over a hydraulic lift is during its downward motion. Attempting to jump while it’s moving upward is ineffective due to the lift’s height.

To navigate Tower of Fantasy efficiently, familiarize yourself with game mechanics and map layout, and practice jumping and gliding techniques.


  1. What is the best time to step over a hydraulic lift? – When it’s in its downward motion.
  2. Why can’t I jump over a hydraulic lift when it’s moving upward? – The lift is too high during upward motion, making it difficult for players to clear it with a single jump.
  3. What other tips help navigate Tower of Fantasy efficiently? – Familiarize yourself with game mechanics and map layout; practice jumping and gliding techniques.