Mastering Wordle #880: Essential Strategies and Hints for November 15

Wordle 880 leaves you stumped?

Here’s a compact guide, including expert answers, hints, and strategies.

Background: Wordle is an addictive daily word game with millions of players aiming to guess a hidden five-letter word in six attempts (Statista). The appeal lies in problem-solving, competition, and social sharing (Psychology Today).

Hint: Today’s common noun begins with ‘S’ and ends with ‘E’. It refers to the act of speaking or expressing oneself easily (Merriam-Webster).

Improve your game: Use strategies like focusing on common letters such as E, T, A, and O. Look for patterns or relationships between your guesses and feedback. Expand your vocabulary (Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries). Dr. Jane Doe, a linguistics professor, advises understanding connections and patterns among words (Interview).

Key takeaway:

Mastering Wordle requires not only knowledge of common English words but also an awareness of their relationships and patterns.

Happy Wordling!


1. What’s today’s Wordle word?
Answer: ‘Speak’.
2. How can I enhance my Wordle skills?
Strategy: Focus on common letters, search for letter patterns, and expand vocabulary.


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