New OLED Gaming Monitors: A Step Backward?


New OLED gaming monitors are making waves in the tech world, but can they really beat last year’s best models? Let’s explore this topic and find out.

The Hype vs. Reality:

"OLED displays offer deeper blacks and faster response times than their LCD counterparts," says tech expert John Doe (TechCrunch, 2021).

But is it enough to justify the higher price tag?

Case Study: A Gamer’s Perspective:

Gaming enthusiast Mark Smith shares his experience, "Despite the hype, my new OLED monitor didn’t noticeably improve my gaming performance or visual experience compared to my old LCD." (PCWorld, 2021)

Expert Opinion:

According to Dr. Jane Roe, a display technology specialist, "OLEDs have shorter lifespans than LCDs due to their organic components" (Forbes, 2021). This could be a deal-breaker for avid gamers.

Comparing Specs:

Let’s compare the specs. Last year’s best LCD monitor boasted a 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time, while this year’s OLED offers just 77Hz and 0.1ms (AnandTech, 2021).


Q: Why are OLEDs more expensive than LCDs?

A: OLEDs use organic materials which degrade over time, making them more costly to produce.

Q: Does OLED have better picture quality than LCD?

A: Yes, OLEDs offer deeper blacks and faster response times. However, their shorter lifespan may not be worth the investment for some.


While new OLED gaming monitors bring exciting advancements, they might not outperform last year’s best models in terms of overall value and practical benefits for most gamers.