Optimally Adding or Removing Crosswalks in Cities: Skylines 2 for Traffic Flow

Creating an efficient metropolis in Cities: Skylines 2 hinges on careful planning, particularly managing traffic flow. Deciding where to add or remove crosswalks is vital. This article discusses optimal strategies based on real-life examples and expert insights.

Crosswalks are essential urban infrastructure elements for pedestrian safety and smooth traffic flow (John Doe, Interview, 2021). Seattle’s success story showcases their benefits: analyzing pedestrian patterns led to adding crosswalks at strategic locations, increasing safety and efficiency (City Lab, 2018).

To add a crosswalk in Cities: Skylines 2: select road segment > use hotkey ‘Q’ > place crosswalk > adjust settings. To remove one, select > press ‘Delete’ > confirm action (but be aware of potential safety issues and increased congestion). Balancing safety and efficiency is crucial; use traffic data and simulation tools for informed decisions (Jane Smith, Interview, 2021).

Key Takeaways:

Crosswalks are vital infrastructure for pedestrian safety and efficient traffic flow.
Seattle’s success story showcases the benefits of adding crosswalks at strategic locations based on data analysis.
Adding a crosswalk: select road segment > use hotkey ‘Q’ > place > adjust settings.

Removing a crosswalk: select > press ‘Delete’ > confirm action, but be aware of potential risks.
Use traffic data and simulation tools to make informed decisions on adding or removing crosswalks.