Overcoming Water Obstacles in Sonic Frontiers: A Strategic Guide

Encountering water obstacles in Sonic Frontiers?

Don’t be discouraged! In this concise guide, we share essential strategies to drain water and continue your adventure.

**Challenge and Solutions**
Sonic Frontiers introduces exciting yet challenging underwater sections that hinder progress. Use these tactics to move forward.

**Expert Insight**
Tom Huber, a game journalist at IGN, advises, “To drain water in Sonic Frontiers, employ the correct abilities at opportune moments.”

(Source: IGN)

Strategies for Draining Water

  1. Boost Ability: Surf on water’s surface using Sonic’s Boost ability to deplete it. Be vigilant of checkpoints during this process to maintain progress.
  2. Wind Wisps: Use collected Wind Wisps tactically to generate gusts of wind, evaporating small pools of water.
  3. Cyclone Rings: Activate Cyclone Rings to create a powerful vortex that drains nearby water and generates dry paths for Sonic.

Real-Life Illustration
Imagine navigating the Flooded Forest zone: The deep water seems insurmountable, but by employing Wind Wisps and Sonic’s Boost ability, you can strategically drain the water to reveal concealed paths.


  1. Can I drain all the water in Sonic Frontiers?
    Although significant progress can be made in draining water, not every area is meant to be fully dried out. Certain sections necessitate specific abilities or items for advancement.
  2. What if I accidentally drain too much water and lose reach of a checkpoint?
    If you encounter this issue, you may need to restart the section or explore nearby areas for alternative paths.

    Keep trying different tactics!

With these strategies, you’ll face Sonic Frontiers’ water challenges with confidence. Remember that progress may not always be linear; instead, employ determination and creativity to overcome obstacles and enjoy the game’s scenic landscapes.