**Quickly Restoring Energy to Your Left Arm in Genshin Impact**

In Genshin Impact, understanding how to efficiently restore energy for your characters’ left arm (active skills) is crucial for continuous gameplay. Characters have an energy pool that depletes after using abilities.

Here are three strategies for restoring energy:

  1. Use Anemo or Geo Characters: Characters like Mona and Diona can quickly restore energy through their Elemental Skills.
  2. Food Buffs: Eating specific dishes provides temporary energy restoration for your characters, so cooking is essential.
  3. Talents and Constellations: Upgrading your character’s talents and constellations significantly improves their energy regeneration.

An additional tip: pairing characters with synergistic abilities, like Mona and Barbara, can save energy and increase combat power. Remember, every adventure in Teyvat requires restorations; master these strategies to effectively manage your characters’ energy and get back in the game!


  1. Which Genshin Impact characters restore Energy? – Mona, Diona, Barbara, and Bennett are some examples of characters with abilities that can restore energy.
  2. How can I quickly restore Energy when not in combat? – Eating specific dishes or upgrading talents and constellations will help you restore energy efficiently.
  3. What’s the best strategy for managing my characters’ Energy in Genshin Impact? – Combining strategies, such as using Anemo or Geo characters, food buffs, and upgrading talents and constellations, is the most effective way to manage your characters’ Energy.