Reel in the Fun: A Beginner’s Guide to Fishing in Destiny 2’s EDZ Outskirts (256 words)

Welcome anglers! Explore Destiny 2’s hidden fishing gems in the EDZ outskirts. No bait or rod needed; bring your gun instead.

The EDZ outskirts teem with overlooked fish, offering excitement and resources for upgrades. Catching fish rewards players with various species, including exotic ones exclusive to The Tangled Shore.

Maximize yields at these prime spots:

  1. Sunken Island: A central hub filled with diverse fish species.
  2. The Tangled Shore: Known for its abundance of exotic fish.

Improve your game with these fishing tips:

  1. Timing: Pay attention to fish spawning times.
  2. Radar: Use it to locate fish icon indicators for efficient catching.

Quote: “Fishing is not a sport, it is a passion.”

– Jason Mraz

In Destiny 2, fishing presents an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Catch exotic species and upgrade resources by exploring the EDZ outskirts. Use your radar to locate fish and consider timing for maximum yield. Happy fishing!


1. What benefits does fishing provide in Destiny 2?
Fishing yields valuable resources for upgrades and exotic fish species.
2. Where can I find fish in the EDZ outskirts?
Check out the Sunken Island and The Tangled Shore for prime fishing spots.
3. How do I locate fish in the EDZ outskirts?
Use your radar to identify fish icon indicators on the map.