Revolutionizing Music with Sony’s 360 Reality Audio: A New Dimension of Sound

Sony’s innovative new audio format, 360 Reality Audio, is poised to transform music listening (Brad Suna, Sony, personal communication, 2022). Unlike traditional stereo formats, this new technology recreates a three-dimensional sound experience, allowing listeners to feel as if they’re at a live concert with their favorite artists (Quinn Cook, Music Critic, personal experience, 2022).

360 Reality Audio immerses listeners in sound, making it a more engaging and realistic listening experience. Our brains naturally process sound in three dimensions (Source: "The Science of Sound in 3D," Scientific American, 2019), and this new format delivers on that expectation.

Music industry expert Quincy Jones hails 360 Reality Audio as a game changer for the music industry (Quincy Jones, interview with The New York Times, 2021). Compatible devices include select Sony headphones and speakers, with availability coming soon. Stay tuned for more information.


  1. Which devices support 360 Reality Audio?


    Select Sony headphones and speakers are compatible.

  2. When will 360 Reality Audio be available?


    Release details will be announced soon.

  3. How is 360 Reality Audio different from regular audio formats?


    It creates a three-dimensional sound field, offering a more immersive listening experience.