Solve Lantern Puzzles in Fortnite: A Guide

If you are ready to show off your problem-solving skills, join the Lantern Fest Tour in Fortnite and solve lantern puzzles to progress through the event. In this guide, we’ll provide tips on how to solve these puzzles and make the most of your experience.

Understanding Lantern Puzzles

Lantern puzzles are riddles that players must solve to unlock a new area or character in Fortnite’s Lantern Fest Tour. These puzzles often involve deciphering clues and using problem-solving skills to find the solution.

Types of Lantern Puzzles

There are several types of lantern puzzles players may encounter:

  1. Word puzzles: Use a set of given letters and numbers to create a specific word or phrase.
  2. Math puzzles: Solve mathematical problems.
  3. Visual puzzles: Decipher clues hidden in images, diagrams, and other visual elements.

Tips for Solving Lantern Puzzles

To successfully solve lantern puzzles, follow these tips:

  1. Read carefully: Pay attention to instructions and look for patterns or connections.
  2. Use logical thinking: Break down problems into smaller parts and consider all possible solutions.
  3. Don’t give up: Keep trying different approaches and don’t be afraid to ask for help if needed.


Lantern puzzles are a fun and engaging way to participate in Fortnite’s Lantern Fest Tour. By following these tips and using logical thinking and problem-solving skills, you can successfully solve the puzzles and progress through the event. Remember to keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to ask for help when needed.